Indie Comic Review – SinEater (Insane Comics)

Our pal Kit sometimes write for the site! This is one of those times.

“She has evil inside her”

This week I’m taking a look at another indie comic, Jojo King and Chase Dunham’s SinEater.

To kick things off before I even read the first line of dialogue the artwork stood out to me a lot, in a good way. Its black and white drawings feel like much more of a manga style than a western comic book; though you do still read from left to right across the page. I very much liked seeing this, and it immediately made the comic feel unique and stand out a little from the some of the other indie comics I’ve read.

Getting into the story itself though, our hero is Cassandra, a young girl who holds the less than prestigious title of Sineater within a village. Sineater’s do exactly as their job title implies, they literally eat people’s sins. This purifies the patient’s soul so they’re able to go to heaven. People’s sins are drawn out of them as demons which the Sineater then devours, because they then have a literal demon inside of them and are clearly putting themselves through hell to help others you’d think a Sineater would be received well out and about town, right? Wrong, of course not. They are both thanked and then shunned for their service to others and it’s getting to Cassandra.

A lot of the exposition in the first issue I felt was done very well. A conversation between a mother and child about Cassandra’s treatment of the father provides a decent enough basis and then we’re shown what happens as opposed to each little detail being printed out for us to read first. For the most part the dialogue is handled very well.

If I’m being picky I’d have two complaints about the dialogue though:

  1. There’s a few expletives throughout the comic, nothing wrong with that in general, and some fit the conversation perfectly, but a couple of them felt a little unnecessary.
  2. When Cassandra is by herself, talking to herself it felt a little forced. It wouldn’t need much to improve this, either have her summarise this in a later conversation or change it from her talking to herself to her inner thought process.

But these are largely very picky complaints and don’t take away from the fact I certainly enjoyed this read.

I enjoyed the other characters in the book too and it feels like a very solid basis for a series. The plot of this issue feels like a good start as such and this book could certainly go places.

If you want to check SinEater out, you buy it here and check it out digitally or in print!

Score: 8.5 Sins out of a Patient

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