Spice Up Your Age Of Sigmar Games

So, the dust is starting to settle, isn’t it? Ok, maybe not but people are getting use to Age Of Sigmar. From Twitter to my own gaming group, it seems that people are, mostly, having fun. I have to say I’m enjoying it, although I am getting board of the “grind” most games that don’t activate the sudden death condition tends to develop into.

I still believe that this game will find it’s place with actual scenarios over anything else. As readers of my posts and the podcasts maybe aware of, I’ve taken up 40k again. One of the games highlights are missions. They can be the equaliser to a fair game. To me, Age Of Sigmar has more in common with 40k than it does with WFB. So, why don’t we try and take a little inspiration from it?

A lot of the core missions for the 40k rule book are based around taking, and holding, objectives. These are set up by the players before table sides are decided.

For this post I will convert one of the basic missions from the 40k rulebook and see if it works for Age Of Sigmar. Later down the line I also want to convert the tactical objective cards into an AoS compatible item. These will also really spice the game up!

So here we go. The style I’ll use may need a bit of common sense and discussion between the players before hand.

First off let’s discuss objectives and how to hold them. First of objectives can just be a 25/40mm base, but it’s also nice to make them look purdy.

To “control” an objective you require a unit (not hero) to be within 3″ of it. If there are multiple players “contesting” an objective, then it’s who ever has most units within 3″. If that’s equal then no one holds it. Summoned units can never hold an objective.

This is how I suggest the additon of objectives into a game proceeds.

Start with the same process as you would with any Age Of Sigmar game. After players divide the table up but before players pick their halves, you place 6 objectives. Each player sets up 3. Who ever won the orginal dice roll places the first. It must be 6″ away from a table edge and 12″ away from any other objective. After the first player places an objective, the second player places one. Take alternate turns placing objectives until all 6 have been set up. Continue the game process after this has been done. 

At the end of each battle round, before the next round is rolled for, count up the amount of objectives each player “controls” and note it down. Contested objectives are not scored.

After 6 full turns, if a sudden death condition hasn’t been achieved then who ever has scored the most objective points wins the game.

You could always add the following objectives as well:

Slay the King: kill the enemy general

Slaughter: who ever completely wipes out the first enemy unit.

War Marches On: if you have a unit within 12″ of the enemies further most table edge.

Each of the above scores a player one extra objective point.

I think that’s enough for the first article. Next week we can try another. If you try it out please let us know how it worked for you in the comments below. Feel free to add and questions there also.


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