Comic Review – Thors #1

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he reviews of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

Secret Wars continues to roll on, and this week I picked up the first issue of the Thors tie-in to the event, under the ‘Battleworld’ banner. Thor writer Jason Aaron continues on with this story, with Chris Sprouse on pencils, inks from Karl Story, colours by Marte Gracia and letters from Joe Sabino. It was published by Marvel Comics.

For those unfamiliar with Marvel’s summer event, Secret Wars takes place after the regular and Ultimate universes have collided. The resulting ‘Battleworld’ is an mismatch of different territories each with it’s own heroes, villains and borders, all ruled over by Victor Von Doom as their creator and god. To help him rule, Doom has the Thors – a police force made up entirely of worthy hammer-wielders. Hot shot Ultimate Thor ‘Thunderer Thorlief’ and his partner Beta Ray Thor have been called to a crime scene where they find a dead body. This is the fifth one found in a different fiefdom, and the investigation has been designated an ‘allthing’ – all hands on deck. The partners give out orders to various other Thors, including Storm and Groot (“I am Thor”) to chase up leads and find out the identities of the victims… or victim, as it turns out they are all the same person. A serial killer is murdering the same woman over and over again, and Thorlief and Beta Ray need to figure out who before anyone else dies, before Doom gets involved and they lose their jobs.

Jason Aaron was doing a great job on Thor, and I’m glad he has continued on with the series in a way through Secret Wars. Here he writes a gritty detective story where the cops are hammer wielding gods, played straight and complete with classic tropes such as a bar scene and a shady back alley informant. The setting seems completely alien to these characters, which is why it seems to work so well. The pencils from Sprouse use oppressive shots and angles that fit in perfectly with the detective elements, and the inks and colours from Story and Gracia add heavy shade and darkness to complete this for a great looking book.

Thors is a lot of fun, and a great addition to the Secret Wars world. Thor as a detective is the sort of mix up that shows the potential of the Battleworld setting really pay off. It isn’t necessary to read if you just want to stick to the main title, but neither is Secret Wars needed to enjoy this. This was great, check it out at your LCS or digitally.

Score: 8.5 Mjolnirs out of 10



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