Justice League: Gods and Monsters

This article has many a spoiler for the Preview content of the soon to be aired Justice League Gods and Monsters animated film.


Seeing as I did a Preview-Review for DC when they released their trailer for Batman Vs Superman and the Suicide Squad. It seems they’re at it again with the Justice League Gods and Monsters! Gods and Monsters is an animated film coming out on the 28th July.

Its set in an alternate universe, the Justice League are doing their thing, fighting crime and saving innocent people, at least sort of. This is a darker world and the Justice League are not the heroes we know and love. It seems this Justice League consists of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. But no Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent or Diana Prince. Instead we have:


Kirk Langstrom as Batman


Zod’s Son as Superman (you can tell by the goatie..)


And Bekka of the New Gods as Wonder Woman

These three seem to walk a darker path than their counterparts and we get a sneak peak at the three of them in the ‘Chronicles’ previews below:

First we have Batman in Twisted:

Harley Quinn is up to no good, kidnapping innocent people, chopping them up and turning them into toys, for funsies of course! It’s implied later that Harley and Bats don’t know each other, so we can assume this universe and this Batman are very different to the original. After a quick scuffle Harley tells Bats to take her to jail, calling him a copper, then Bats delivers some good old fashioned Bat style justice. Well, vampire bat style as he proceeds to take a bite out of Harley and have some dinner.

Yups, Bats is a vampire it seems, fighting crime and saving innocent people (we can assume, he did help the woman escape) and eating criminals for breakfast.

Next, we have Superman in Bomb.

Brainiac is loose and is destroying Metropolis. President Amanda Waller can’t get through to Superman for help so she does what she has to, to save the most lives and calls in a nuke. It also seems that the US government made Brainiac in this world just in case Supes went nuts and tried to take over. As always, this has clearly backfired. Just before the pilot fires it off, to wipe out the city and Brainiac at the same time, the Superman arrives and tells him he only needs five minutes to save the day! Yay! Instead of Red White and Blue we get trench coat and goatie. Clearly he’s the bad guy. I mean, goaties always mean they’re evil, right? OK, turns out he isn’t, he is the hero and goes in to stop Brainiac. After struggling towards the epicentre of the destruction he finds Brainiac, just a child who can’t control his power. He just wants it to stop and not to hurt anyone. After realising Brainiac can’t do anything about it Superman says he can, puts his hands around Brainiac and then his eyes start to glow. The next thing we see is the destruction ending and a very sombre Superman.

Finally, we have Wonder Woman in Big.

Steve Trevor has just been captured on his mission to stop a terrorist group… their name isn’t actually mentioned…. Just as he’s about to be executed Wonder Woman flies out of a Boom Tube to save the day! She cuts him free and they fight their way through the henchmen. During the fight they banter. Yups, as usual Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are doinking (the highly technical term for it). With all the minions and the boss dead (Bekka seems perfectly happy killing her enemies) Giganta attacks. Wonder Woman leaves the fight to Steve when he says to stay out of it and promptly has his ass kicked. When he begs for help she steps into the ring. After a bit of back and forth Giganta tries to crush her under a huge piece of metal. As she turns to finish Steve Wonder Woman appears from a Boom Tube behind and finishes Giganta off. Steve and Wonder Woman then proceed to do it on the battle field.


So yeah, seems they’re all killers. Yay dark and gritty?

Finally here’s the trailer for the show itself:

It looks like they’re doing a story where the team of heroes do their bit around the world but due to the lack of accountability the government is starting to take measures against them, and that just goes down like a lead balloon. Sounds a lot like Captain America Civil War, right? Well these guys appear to resort to more of an all-out war against the world/US at least. Personally, I think it looks OK. I’ll probably watch it but I wouldn’t call myself excited.

Bruce Timm is the man behind it though and he’s done some fantastic work before – Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond and Batman of the Future amongst many others. So just for that I’ll say give it a try.

I’m certainly looking forward to this more than Batman Vs Superman!


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