Indie Comic Review – Man Vs. Rock #1

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he reviews of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

I’ve been doing comic reviews for a while now, and one of the great things about plugging away at them is that gradually more and more people have started sending us advanced comics and more eclectic stuff for us to check out and review. Last week we were sent Man Vs. Rock #1, a digital indie comic written by Victor DeTroy and Kevin Bieber and drawn by Jared Lamp, which you can find out more about at

Man Vs. Rock is an absurdist, macho and retro-80s action film style story about Professor Buck Stone and his desperate attempt to stop the oncoming destruction of humanity brought about by rocks. Over the millennia, human beings and rocks have co-existed, but mankind has abused and kept the rocks down. In the present day, they have had enough and they are about to wreak havoc on the species that scorned them. Buck Stone knows this is coming, and in preparation he has travelled the world and secretly planted 1,000,000lbs of C4 explosive in every rock outcrop near a large metropolitan area, and he’s prepared to detonate it as soon as the rocks strike. Buck Stone is crazy. But he is right, the rocks are coming…

If that all sounds ridiculous, it should. Man Vs. Rock is over the top and insane, but it is also very funny. The whole thing reads like a parody of the first few scenes of any random 80s action film, with more swearing but probably the same amount of casual sexism. The dialogue is snappy and fun, and the overall tone is intentionally absurd, a little offensive but entirely tongue in cheek. Importantly, the writers haven’t tried to take themselves too seriously, which would have fallen especially flat in a story this ridiculous. I do think I may co-opt the name ‘Fuck You Academia, The Rocks Are Out To Get Us’ as my PhD thesis title later this year. As for the art, while it is fairly basic and pretty scratchy, was incredibly reminiscent of early 2000AD strips, especially Carlos Ezquerra or Mike McMahon on Judge Dredd (which is a good thing).

Man Vs. Rock #1 is a lot of fun, and I’ve read the next couple of issues and can say that everything gets a lot more manic and ridiculous very quickly. Check out their website where you can find links to buy the comic online at places like Comixology, Amazon or Scribd, with plenty of other random Man Vs. Rock content too.

Score: 7 Bricks of C4 out of 10

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