The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month Two: Matt Clarke’s Space Wolves


Sponsored by Element Games

Matt’s Space Wolves are looking great! I wasn’t sure about the Storm Fang model until i saw it in the flesh. It’s really nice. Even if the cannon is, some what, masking some sort of insecurity.

Wolf Lord: Black Death; runic armour; bolt pistol 150

Rune Priest 60

Murderfang 135

• Drop Pod 35

5 Grey Hunters: 4× close combat weapon; plasma gun; Wolf Guard Pack Leader (storm bolter; frost sword) 128

5 Blood Claws: Wolf Guard Pack Leader (storm shield; frost axe) 105

5 Fenrisian Wolves 40

2 Long Fangs: plasma cannon; lascannon; + 1 Long Fang Ancient (plasma gun) 95

Stormfang Gunship: skyhammer missile launcher; twin-linked lascannon 235

983 points


The wolves retreated. Their sensors had not picked up the Eldar wraith army that had been keeping a silent vigil on the battlefield and the over whelming firepower of the Eldar had cost the wolves dearly.  The space wolves had been too eager  to engage the chaos infesting this system and had walked into something more deadly.

Even from the beating the wolves would not retreat from the system though. They returned to their cruiser to lick their wounds and evaluate just how many different factions were in play in this sector.

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