The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month Two: Matt Lyon’s Crimson Haze (Blood Angels)



What can I say, just look at Matt’s army. It’s beautiful, i think we can all agree that Matt’s airbrushing skills are amazing! please read hiss full blog post below, I really enjoyed it.

IMG-20150421-WA0017 IMG-20150421-WA0018 IMG-20150421-WA0019 IMG-20150421-WA0020

To: Chief Archiver designation XVIIIVI, Baal

Received: 999.M4I

From: Scribe Adept designation VVXI

Message Format: Telepathic

Subject: Chronicle of Insertion Force; Crimson Haze

Thought of the Day: Doubt is the gateway to Chaos

Priority: Ultra High

Honoured archiver, I regret to inform you that Crimson Haze are yet to engage the enemy.

They have not deployed to the field of battle.

They have not faced off against the forces of the Tau Empire.

They did not get their red and black armoured asses handed to them in 15 minutes.

Please ignore any rumours contrary to the above.

Month 2

I decided this month yo write a little bit more of a Plog; especially as i’ve had a lot of people ask about the colour scheme.

In regards to painting the models this was actually my first use of an airbrush. The Terminators were sprayed grey and were then covered by a zenithal spray with white from a 45 degree angle. The first colour was airbrushed Mephiston Red, followed by army painter black in all the recess and underside of the models. I then finished the airbrushing with a very light top down highlight of Evil Sunz Scarlett.

Then it was a simple case of washing the armour with army painter strong tone ink and the applying the metal chipping effect with pure runefang steel.

The Deathcompany were all aribrushed army painter black, then edged highlighted with Mechanicus Standard Grey and Eshin Grey. The same chipping effect was applied.

As we have now entered the second month of the campaign I needed to paint up my next 250 points. I have added the following:

Captain Karlaen

Castiel – Librarian
Terminator Armour, Gallian’s Staff, Stormshield, Mastery Level 2

Raphen’s Death company 210

Cassor The Damned 140
5 Terminators: cyclone missile launcher

The Rapture – Vindicator
Overcharged Engines

Total – 1K

I added the Librarian as I really require a bit of psychic might, I have been disappointed with the Blood Angels one so far so will likely be running Biomancy. He will be stomping around with the Terminators and the captain most of the time.

I added a Vindicator as I wanted some long range firepower and something to counter things like Tau battle suits & Plague Marines. A fast moving, Strength 10, AP2 pie plate seemed to fill a niche!

Although I had the full month to paint these I wanted to crack on. Castiel was up first and received the same airbrush basecoat on the armour as the Terminators (obviously swapping red for blue!). I am completely in love with this model and it was a joy to paint, the only conversion work was a slight re-pose of the axe head and adding a stormshield I picked up off eBay.

The Vindicator was again airbrushing using the same technique used for the Terminators. I spend extra time really darkening the underneath this time to create a good strong contrast over the larger surface areas. Suffice to say the chipping took farm far, far longer than I expected!

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