The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month One: Jan’s Gray Knights

I’m afraid this being late is my fault, but it’s here now. Jan chose Gray Knights as his army, which may seem a simple paint job but looks can be very deceiving. One of the highlights in Jan’s army for me is the force weapons.

Looking around Mikal  could see he was on a battlefield, piles of corpses piled waist deep and the sky was the deep colour of blood.

The battlefield was silent apart from carrion fluttering and feeding on the dead but that soon changed as in the in the distance the sound of battle carried over to his ears.

Looking for the source he soon found it, firstly a blue beast on 4 legs, with a thick coat of fur and _ yellow eyes. The second was a red skinned creature with golden wings, a large halo and large menacing teeth. The third one was a giant green shadow stretching a hundred feet high who’s body squirmed and moved but the most disturbing thing was the horrible smile it gave as it fought the other two.

Mikel felt the overwhelming urge to save the two beings and broke into a run but to his horror the ground around him became fleshy and he started to sink, he struggled and pulled but nothing could be done and he slowly sank into the ground.

The last thing Mikel saw was the horrible green being crushing the golden red being and breaking the spine of the blue being before slowly turning his smiling gaze to Mikel.

Mikel awoke with a gasp, his twin hearts beating rapidly and sweat poring off his brow.

“Another vision?” Though Mikel as he donned his tunic, having visions wasn’t that unusual especially during his rare experience of being a Prognosticar in the Augurium, but to do so in his own chambers with such clarity was unusual.

Before he could think more on this an urgent summons from Grand master Drystann Cromm came through on his personal Vox and he knew how the Grand Master didn’t like to wait.

As Mikel arrived at Grand Masters chambers in the 4th brotherhood hall, clothed in his terminator armour he saw the figure of Drystann Cromm talking seriously to a human he didn’t know.

“Ahh Mikel, may I introduce inquisitor Tobias Grimm of the Ordo Malleus” introduced Drystann, the human nodded to Mikel  “ and may I introduce Mikel Corvin, Brother captain of the 4th brotherhood. Now please be seated”

As everyone sat down Drystann continued “we have had reports that the warp storms around Corvus sub sector have started to dissipate, now normally that wouldn’t be a situation for us but the Prognosticar’s have been having been seeing images of a great darkness returning for the first time since the emperor walked the earth.”

“Now Tobias here was one of the first to set foot in the system and has created a lot of local connections with those sill loyal to the imperium on the first few worlds, please work with him to find and stop those who would aid in its return?”

“yes Grand master” said Mikel

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