The Tale of 40K Gamers: Joe Hadfield’s Eldar Filth Month One


Sponsored by Element Games 

Before we begun getting back into 40K, we’d heard the horror stories about Eldar and their pure filth on the tabletop. Then we played him. Yes, they are horrible. I’d love to hate them but I love Joe’s unique colour scheme, and the new wraith models are super cool!

Aomine the Victorious

Spiritseer- 70

The Shield of Aegis

5 Wraithblades, Ghost Axes & Force Shields- 160

The Iron Hearts

5 Wraithguard, D-Scythes, Wave Serpent, Twin-Linked Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon, Holo-Fields- 355

The Veteran King

Wraithlord, Ghostglaive, Flamers, Scatter Laser, Brightlance- 165

Total- 750

Craftworld Teiko was never fated to endure.

Thought by their kin to be lost to the Warp, upon the resurgence of the scarred Craftworld some spoke of them as The Legion of Miracles. But the few communications made with those who survived and the terrible price of their being became known. As this battle with Chaos had doomed the Eldar of Teiko, as the losses of life piled up around them they sought the strength of the spirits of their ancestors. Wraith constructs were swiftly assembled and cast into battle, barely holding back the tides of Daemons long enough for the Craftworld to escape the jaws of the Chaos gods.

Those who remained were indeed changed by the experience, their harrowing past gave rise to a feeling of duty. Teiko would not simply wither into the annals of Eldar legend as an allegory of their races inevitable End. The conviction of The Legion of Miracles would go down as a rallying cry to their kin that if the race of the Eldar is to fall, then it shall fall with the grace and fury of the Stars of old.

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