Tale Of 40k Gamers: Gary Hennessey Month One!


Gary Manages To Paint 28 Models And Two Tanks!

Sponsored by Element Games

So it’s been a hard slog but I’m happy with my results. Everything is to a good gaming standard and, with only 3 models to paint next month, I can add extra highlights to anything I need to with the spare time.

Chaos Lord Krannon

Chaos Lord Krannon

Draznicht's Chosen

Draznicht’s Chosen

As I’ve said on the podcast, I wanted a good gaming standard so wanted to keep my processes simple. Spray, basecoats, dip, matt varnish, highlights then weathering. Typing that out it actuay seems a longer proccess then id thought!

Rhino APC

Rhino APC

Samuel's Slaughters

Samuel’s Slaughters

Fisty McFisty

Fisty McFisty

I decided to use the basing style i had
originally used for my wood elf army that never saw the light of day. I love the snows contrast with the blood red armour.

So here’s my list and fluff:

Krannon had been meditating for hours. How had his meeting gone so wrong. Krannon had been a chapter master for long enough to hold up in negations, but he’d never meet a person so well versed as Typhus. Maybe it was the fact it was held about the Terminus Est, a ship so foul that Krannon and his chosen decided not to sit during their discussions.

Abbadon had briefed them both about what he expected from his two comanders. They were given the same level of command but as soon as they left for warp travel, Typhus made it clear who was in charge. Krannon expected nothing less. He had a wealth of experience of disrespect from members of the 1st founding chapters and the death guard were no different.

Draznicht broke Krannon’s train of thought. “Sir, I’ve had the vision I’ve been waiting on, we can bring glory to the chapter and steal it away from the Deathguard. Let them lead for now and when the time is right, we can strike”. Krannon contaminated “fine, you’ve been right thus far Draznicht, but if you’re wrong I’ll feed you to the beast below. Their arrogance shall cause their downfall soon enough. Now let’s bring some glory to these imperial dawgs!”

+++ 750 Crimson Slaughter  (750pts) +++

++ Chaos Space Marines: Supplement – Crimson Slaughter (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment) (750pts) ++

+ HQ (200pts) +

Chaos Lord (200pts) [Blade of the Relentless, Daemonheart, Gift of mutation, Mark of Khorne, Plasma Pistol, Sigil of corruption, The Slaughterer’s Horns]

+ Elites (310pts) +

Chosen (310pts) [6x Chosen, Draznicht’s Ravagers, Mark of Khorne, Replace all weapons w/ Twin Lightning Claws, 2x Replace CCW w/ Power Fist, Replace CCW w/ Power Weapon]
····Chaos Rhino [Extra Armour]
····Chosen Champion [Bolt Pistol, Melta Bomb, Power Weapon]

+ Troops (105pts) +

Chaos Cultists (50pts) [Champion’s upgrade, 10x Squad models (champion included)]

Chaos Cultists (55pts) [8x Autopistol, Champion’s upgrade, Flamer, 10x Squad models (champion included)]

+ Heavy Support (135pts) +

Maulerfiend (135pts) [Lasher tendrils]

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