The (Not So) Weekly Argument: Does a Video Game’s Length Affect Whether You’ll Buy at Launch?


There has been a lot of discussion about the length of video games recently and how short is too short for a full retail price game. If the game experiences is relatively brief, and under 10 hours long, what do you think? Does it bother you?

Let us know what you think (with some more slightly constructed answers), and give us your actual opinions and reasons for voting that way in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “The (Not So) Weekly Argument: Does a Video Game’s Length Affect Whether You’ll Buy at Launch?

  1. So weird. Just composed an entire post about this. If the gameplay or narrative is compelling, a shorter run is negligible in comparison. I would rather be engrossed for a couple of hours than bored with extraneous sidequests.

  2. I pick option 4: if its short, it can only survive by being addictive, easy to replay and not hinging on some wow factor for first time players. Some games have nothing going for them after your first time through, even those that might can lose a lot of their strengths when you have too much knowledge.

  3. I’ll always wait for the price to drop, or steam sales.

    However, “the game is too short” is not, in and of itself valid criticism. The length should fit the idea. If the game’s idea demands that it be developed and extended, make the game long. If your idea is simple and elegant, you may need a shorter game.

    Length should fit the game.

  4. 5 hours is just another talking point. Everyone loves Spec-Ops: The Line and that’s 5 hours. And yes I’ll always wait for the price to drop. I don’t need more games. I need less 🙂 I prefer a game to be 8 hours, I’m happy with that. I’m currently stuck in a 15 hour game right now and its still fun. Yet there was a racing game that I was stuck in for 24 hours before I got to the final tier of content and said nope, forget it. The game stopped being fun at 8 hours, I shouldn’t push myself for achievements even if it looks like the game can last another 12 hours.

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