Why the hell haven’t you played Gunstar Heroes yet?



This is truly one of the hidden gems of the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis. The Sonic series was amazing, Streets of Rage is also amazing, but this game fell off the radar due to the other games available on the console. However it has resurfaced on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and iOS. Not available for Android as of yet, hopefully soon.

You play as a character called Red (or as Red and Blue if you play co-op, highly recommended) and the aim is to take back the gems stolen from the Gunstar family from the evil Colonel Red (or General Grey, I’ll refer to him as General Grey to stop confusion) and his henchmen, one happens to be your older brother Green who is being controlled by Grey. The reason you are taking the gems back is to stop the robot Golden Silver from being reactivated and causing havoc, terror and chaos on the world.

You start of picking your weapon of choice which is a mix between Force (fast shooting) Lightning (shoots through enemies) Chaser (homing bullets) and Flame (set everything on fire). You can have 2 of these mixes too in order to mix and match and create devastating combinations. Dual Chasers fire out green stars that cause considerable damage, Fire and Force make a devastating flame thrower but my personal favourite is the Lightning Chaser. It locks on to the enemy and kills it with lightning and then moves on to the next enemy. What else could you ask for?

So what is the appeal of this game? Why does it deserve a mention? Well it is simple side scroller, however what I love about it is how chaotic it is. You are running, jumping and shooting constantly against scores of enemies that just keep coming at you. All you hear is your gun firing and explosions because all the enemies explode. Even the henchman just explode, it’s hilarious.

Plus there are amazing mini-boss battles in the game and excellent boss battles throughout as well amazing level design. Black’s dice maze is brilliant, always play that level last as it is my favourite. Also the boss battle with Green on his stage is amazing as you fight 5 out of a possible 7 forms, that are random every time you play the level.

It only takes about an hour to play but you can play it over and over again, with different combos of weapons and on different difficulties. Hard mode is ridiculous but really worth a go. Honestly, go and download the game (legitimately) and give it a bash, you won’t regret it.

One thought on “Why the hell haven’t you played Gunstar Heroes yet?

  1. The first mid boss on the first stage makes me laugh, its just a tree that unleashes seed things at you, yet when you diminish its health? FIERY EXPLOSIONS.

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