Retro Review: The Hitcher

Gary reviews a great, but F@@ked up classic movie.

I’d heard a lot about this movie, but luckily enough, nothing about its plot. I genuinely love finding old films and falling in love with classic camera shots and the fact that they needed to have a plot, as digital special effects weren’t really a thing, or at least not too over used extent they are now.

I knew Rutger Hauer was the main star, so I assumed it was not going to be a happy film for his co-stars. Let’s just say I wasn’t wrong. I don’t get why you pull over for a Hitchhiker and I can only guess this film did for  what Jaws did for sharks. not great PR for ether accounts. As in Jaws wasn’t good PR for sharks, Jaws did not affect the PR of   I would take a particular stance on not picking up a Nexus Five!

The pace of this film is astonishing. You are thrown into the grim plot almost immediately. Within 5 minutes my stomach was churning at the idea of sharing a car with this character. We’ve all been at a bar talking to a drunk when we’ve had that feeling that maybe this dude is one to be careful of, let’s just agree with what ever shit he’s talking about and try to go back to your friends table with hope that he doesn’t try to join you. But what if he’s not a drunk? What if he’s an actual psychopath, or worse, a board psychopath!

With possibly one of the best cat and mousse style I’ve seen, you are always wondering what The Hitcher is up too. What I walked away with is “what a c**t”. Keep those shimmering blue eyes away from me!

I’d highly suggest watching this film if you haven’t already, but be warned, it’s nasty.


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