Pokémon Showdown – The Fan Based Battle Simulator

Back in our day there were only 151 Pokeymans. And you played them on a ‘Game Boy’. This is Nath’s confused look at a new way to play.

Do you want to be the very best, like no-one ever was, without catching them as your real test and not train them be your cause? I could go on and continue the song and rewrite the lyrics all the way thought but that’s for another time. I was sitting down eating some curry in my girlfriend’s student house when her housemates mentioned this game. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

It is a web based game, but with a downloadable console too. You have a couple of choices of how to play the game. The first part is a random battle generator. You are given 6 random Pokémon between levels 70-85 with different moves as does your opponent, the aim is wipe out the other opponents Pokémon, pretty standard really. It is all online gameplay so there can be connection issues, but it is brilliant.

The only issue I have is I’ve played my fair share of Pokémon games, from the original Red all the way up to Platinum, however I am yet to grace Black and White and X and Y. It’s safe to say I have no idea what some Pokémon were and really needed some help, but stuck with it all regardless.

So my team consisted of the following:

  • Galvantula – What the hell is that? An electric Spider?
  • Alakazham – Absolute classic and one I used a lot, solid Pokémon
  • Carbink – Again what the hell is that?
  • Heatmor – A fire/grass/dark/fighting cross breed?
  • Yveltal – What?
  • Glaceon – The ice evolution of Eevee

Turns out I’m still pretty bad ass as I won comfortably with some issues to begin with. Glaceon got absolutely destroyed against a rock type and thought I was out of touch, but I picked myself in true Pokémon spirit. I didn’t even get to see what a Yveltal was!

So that was that, so I thought lets try the other mode and needless to say it was very difficult. Trying to build a team from 720, that’s right 720 Pokémon is really difficult, especially when I haven’t played the last 2 games. So far I’ve only chosen 2, a Metagross because its Steel and Psychic, pretty awesome combination and a Gengar, standard Ghost type that’s pretty awesome. I don’t know who to select for the last lot, thinking maybe an ice/water type, an electric type, a dragon type and fighting/rock/ground type. But then what about flying type, dark type, fire type? Also there are mega variations of Pokémon now? That changes everything because I have no idea what they are and if they are any good? Also you have to pick the items and the moves and there are loads. It is hard work.

Safe to say I really need to think about the build a bit more, but all in all it is a truly brilliant idea for lovers of the Pokémon franchise. I’d give it 8/10 no I didn’t use a burn heal. Still in beta mode but things will get better.



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