The Lost Lighthouse: The Weekly Rapture 32 – Matt Berry Fancast


Welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse.

This week we chat about the Fantastic Four and Game of Thrones Season 5 trailers, the new Ghostbusters cast and Chris Evans and Chris Pratt being generally nice chaps, while Gary makes awful puns and Adam talks about the Superbowl with all the clarity and understanding of someone that recently crawled out of a serious collision with a wall.

Short episode this week, because we forgot to set up any of our features! Weekly Argument, Gary in 60 Seconds and Main Talking Point will all be back next time!

If you have any thoughts. questions or opinions on anything this week you can as always get in touch through Facebook or on Twitter @lost_lighthouse, email us at or sound off in the ‘leave a reply’ box at the bottom of the podcast page on the website.

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2 thoughts on “The Lost Lighthouse: The Weekly Rapture 32 – Matt Berry Fancast

    • Hi there, apologies this is a geek culture podcast largely focused on video games, films, TV, comic books and wargaming. We typically name our episode titles after something we mention in the episode. This week right at the end we started talking about and doing bad impressions of Douglas Reynholm (something I think we have done in the past too, we are big fans in general of everything Matt Berry does) and so named it the Matt Berry Fancast. Apologies again for any confusion, and thanks for listening!

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