Comic Review – Nameless #1

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he is going to attempt a mini review of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

There were a lot of great comics out this week, but I decided to go with Nameless #1 from Image Comics. Nameless is a new sci-fi series written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Chris Burnham, with colours by Nathan Fairbairn and letters from Simon Bowland.

Nameless stars a man called, oddly, ‘Nameless’. He has been hired to steal a dream key from The Veiled Lady, delving through multiple dreamscapes and fleeing her goons (who have anglerfish heads). Back in the real world, Nameless is rescued by his employers, who turn out to be a cabal of Billionauts hiding on the dark side of the moon, trying to figure out a way to stop an asteroid heading for Earth. This asteroid, named Xibalba after the Mayan underworld, is large enough for it’s collision to cause an extinction level impact in just over one month. Nameless isn’t given a choice, and the retrieval of the dream key was the proof of his usefulness, so he is packed onto a spaceship with no prior training and shipped off to the moon. All the while Xibalba looms ever closer to the Earth. Got it? Good.

People often state that Morrison is on drugs, or a crazy person, but really he is just a fantastic story teller. I’m a big fan of his DC work, in particular his run on Batman and the Final Crisis event. His mind is clearly bursting with ideas, more often than not extremely high-concept sci-fi ideas. Nameless is no exception, jammed full of crazy cult killings, dream heists, a door to the anti-universe and compelling characters. Teaming up again with Batman Incorporated artist Chris Burnham shows how well these two work together, if anything Burnham’s art is even better here. Grim faces and looming angles make the dream sequences look chilling, while the colours from Fairbairn create nice parallels between the different environments of the dream. The freakiest panel of this issue was seeing another man in the dream suddenly change into one of the anglerfish headed men, in a manner that really reminded me of The Matrix when an agent takes over a bystander.

This was solid, high-concept sci-fi from a team who excel at the genre. I can’t wait to see how Nameless develops and what other characters will be part of the team trying to save the planet on the dark side of the moon, find out what the crazy cult killings mean and how the door to the anti-universe figures into it all. Pick this up at your LCS or digital comics platform.

Score: 8.5 Anglerfish men out of 10

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