The Adult Wargamer: Gaming Boards


element-banner-urlGary tries to be an adult while playing with toy soldiers.
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In my early teens I’d love to spend summers working on projects like building terrain and gaming boards. But with great age comes great responsibility, or something like that. What also comes with age is a little bit of disposable income. Not a lot mind, but a bit. In this, hopefully, regular article I’ll be looking into where you can pick up some great gaming accessories if you’re looking to purchase or how to make some if you’ve got the time to do so.

Gaming boards

Let’s start with the basics. You’re going to need an area to play on. Some people are happy to just play on a kitchen table, but rarely does the kitchen table meet the required sizes. If you’ve got a 6×4 kitchen table, you must have a huge family!

One great resource is the Games Workshop realm of battle boards. These aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really rate them. You are able to build a it’s up in 2×2 squares. So you can have a 4×4 or a 6×4 up in a jiffy. You can pick them up with a juicy discount by clicking the pictures above and below which will send you to Element Games.5391-citadel-realm-of-battle-gameboard-med


What most people have is a dining table that’s not quite big enough. This is where B&Q, or any of your local wood suppliers (tee hee) can help out. I recently decided to go for 3 2×4 ply 5mm ply wood panels. I wasn’t going for something that was to thick that I couldn’t store them. This is where having 3 2x4s is perfect. You can easily squeeze them behind the sofa. They also came in at £13 each, which in my mind was a bargain.

Now you could easily just buy a green table-cloth and throw that over. That’s fine, but love a little bit more immersion. I really like the gaming mats that are becoming more and more available. The one below is from Frontline Games. I will discuss them more in an upcoming review.


Well that’s the first instalment, hope you enjoyed it and remember the second Tale Of 40K Gamers will be out on friday.


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