First Thoughts Review: Dragon Age Inquisition

Gary finally gets time to play a very small amount of a very large game!

The game starts with an explosion, a very large one at that. I think if I’d played the other two games then the explosion would be more significant but oh well, I haven’t.

I’m not going to spoil any plot lines but from the get go I love this game. The visuals are simply stunnning and the controls are as smooth as a baby elf’s buttocks. The combat is a little hack and slash but still very enjoyable.

Character creation is what you make if it, I know some people like spending hours changing little details, I don’t. The races choice gives you the classics: human, dwarf and elf but now you also get to choose a massive half daemon. I chose the latter.


You start the game as a villain in the eyes of the people, but quickly become the hero. Darn fickle common folk!

I’ve only managed to get a few hours under my belt but I’ve loved those hours intensely. Even when you’re doing considerably small things, like setting up camps. Some games makes these little missions a chore, but not Dragon Age.

Would you want this game? Well I have a simple question. Do you want to play a game that’s an awesome mix of Eldar scrolls fantasy fun and Mass effect style rpg-ness? If the answer is yes then buy this game immediately. If it’s no, take a considerably long look in the mirror, and know you disappointed me greatly.


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