Late Video Game Review – Sunset Overdrive

Nath sometimes reviews games. This is one of those reviews.

I know this is very late considering Sunset Overdrive was released last year (not really, more like 2 months) but I was told not to buy it as it would be a Christmas present for me, so I have dedicated some playing time to it in the very busy schedule I have had over Christmas.

So this is the first official Xbox One exclusive game released for the console that I have been excited about, I know there are others but Forza 5, even though it is very pretty, is just driving a car in a circle. Created by Insomniac games (creators of Ratchet and Clank) Sunset Overdrive is a sandbox, action/adventure style game. The premise is that a popular drinks manufacturer has created a new energy drink and during the launch party, it has transformed the drinkers into monsters or OD as they are called. The OD are basically similar to the zombies in 28 days later, they see you and they run after you. Pretty scary right? Of course not, you seen how colourful the game is? How could you be scared.

Anyway, you play a simple janitor who happens to work at the launch party and when everything goes tits up, you basically escape. You run back to your apartment and are held up there for about a month, having a few nice cold pints and waiting for all this to blow over. However the OD are soon on to you and you are rescued by an old man with a gun. You then start running errands for various colleagues and rescuing people throughout Sunset City. Very simple idea for a game, however what makes this game unique?

Well character creation is a good start, and its not the simple haircuts, there are some hilarious ones out there, so of course I gave myself a red and blue fauxhawk and a blue beard. Next is then equipping your clothes, so I went for a ripped shirt and jeans and Vans shoes. Easy enough, so I was ready to face the world of OD, my first weapon, a fire shotgun that looks like a penis. Sold. I love a game where there are ridiculous weapons with equally hilarious names. The fire penis shotgun is called the Flaming Compensator, but my favourite weapon so far is called the TNTeddy, a gun that fires exploding teddy bears. Again sold, however its all very well having hilarious weapons, but the gameplay is just as important.

Controls are simple and easy but allow you to perform a variety of tasks. Navigating the system is done by walking, grinding, bouncing, wall running and perform the act of Christ (walking on water). It makes navigating the large area a lot of fun, especially as you can melee as you grind. You can also shoot and grind, bounce and melee etc to increase combo points in order to unlock other features such as amps and overdrives that further power your weapons and abilities. Your hammer can now throw fireballs and your weapons can do extra damage and status damage.

The multiplayer, entitled Chaos Squad is also brilliant. You run around the city performing certain missions in order to upgrade your character. This mode is ridiculous. It is absolute carnage, you and 7 other players run around the city, taking out enemies with ridiculous amounts of violence and endless amounts of fun.

Basically from what you can see, this game is pretty, mental and hilarious all in one. It is a fantastic game, a real mix of Walking Dead survival and Saints Row insanity. However there are some drawbacks. The grinding and shooting is a huge cop-out even if you are encouraged to change the style once in a while. You can spend the entire game grinding and shooting but its no fun. The enemies do adapt to shoot you off the rails, but they can be dodged. The storyline isn’t brilliant, but most sandbox survival games don’t have amazing storyline, it’s enough to keep me playing but nothing spectacular. Overall I would give this game a solid 8 excuses not to drink energy drinks out of 10. Brilliant but not one that will go down in history.


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