Comic Review – Feathers #1

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he is going to attempt a mini review of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

This week I caught up on all the comics I missed out on over the holidays, as I spent a lot of it up in the frozen northern countryside, so it was a pretty expensive trip to the comic book shop. I decided to pick up Feathers #1, the start of an new all-ages mini series from the Archaia imprint at Boom! Studios. It was written and illustrated by Jorge Corona, with colours from Jen Hickman and letters by Deron Bennett.

Feathers opens with a bearded man, Gabriel, wandering at twilight around ‘The Maze’ – the slums of a great nearby city. Two unseen and mysterious narrators discuss the nights events, as Gabriel follows wailing sounds to discover a crying baby covered in feathers. Fearing for the safety of himself and the child, he steals into the night, avoiding the gaze of some other children and a whistling creepy child-catcher. 11 years later, and feathered infant is now a young boy named Poe. Keeping hidden in the rooftops, Poe and his adoptive father Gabriel scurry around the Maze at night. Meanwhile, inside the city, an intrepid young noble girl called Bianca longs for the adventure beyond it’s limits. Her father agrees to take her out, an opportunity she quickly uses to escape and before long finds the adventure she was looking when she bumps into Poe.

Corona does a great job with Feathers, especially considering he is both writing and drawing the book. The story is simple but engaging, with real potential for development of strong themes like acceptance and class deprivation, which is really nice to see in an all-ages book. It has a dark and ominous tone, without being too scary or oppressing, and Poe, Bianca and Gabriel are all very likeable characters. There is clearly some deeper mystery afoot with the child-catcher, and with the two mysterious narrators too. The art is clear and expressive, with bold line work that makes the crooked buildings and character faces really stand out. The colours from Hickman contrast the bright, lush city during the daytime, and the dark, dank night time streets of the Maze, accentuating the art work well.

Feathers #1 is a  nice, dark all-ages comic that is well-worth picking up either for yourself, or to get any potential new young comics fans into the fold. Check it out at your local comic book shop, or digital comics platform now!

8 Red Scarves out of 10

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