Late Video Game Review – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Nath sometimes reviews games. This is one of those reviews.

Before I start the review, I would like to say a huge thank you for everyone who voted for the video game ideas I posted a couple of months ago, I will hopefully start the project in the new year. I would also like to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few months, moving house and a new job have taken up most of my time. Oh and playing Call of Duty so I’ll crack on. I will be splitting the review into two parts, the single player campaign and the multiplayer.



So as November has come and gone again, we find ourselves with another release from the latest Call of Duty franchise. I have to say that I have bought nearly every single Call of Duty game that has come out since the first instalment and I do enjoy playing them online and the campaigns. However with the recent releases, it feels as if Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Treyarch are focusing more and more on the multiplayer side of the game. The last decent campaign was probably World at War because of the history aspect as well as some hilarious characters. Ghosts can have a honourable mention too as the campaign was very good, although slightly flawed.

I bet you are all wondering whether Advanced Warfare is living up the hype. Well let’s start with the single player mode and for some strange reason, North Korea has become a super power and is invading South Korea. You play a US marine who is trying to stop the invasion. I’ll firstly say that graphically, this game is beautiful, finally a game that is starting to show how good the Xbox One is. Anyway, you start the game trying to push back the invasion and one thing is made very clear at the start. They have made the game far too easy. The sight you have on your weapon tracks your enemies, which means there is a red figure hiding behind cars etc. so you can track his movements. The grenades you throw as well stop mid air, adjust their flight path and then hit the enemies directly. This is ridiculous, you want to work for the grenade kill, not leave it to some machine. Also you have an exo skeleton that allows you to  double jump and deploy shields. Again too easy.

Anyway so you finish the first level and (SPOILER ALERT) you lose your arm and your best friend. Now at the funeral, the best friend’s dad, KEVIN FREAKING SPACEY, comes to you and offers you an opportunity to work for his private security firm called Atlas and give you a bionic arm in the process. You start tracking a terrorist called Hades (great name) and try to stop him from blowing up all the nuclear plants in the world. Now of course you fail at it so there is a directive for going after the terrorist, however (SPOILER ALERT) you learn that Kevin Spacey totally Keyser Söze’s you, tries to kill you (excellent escape mission by the way) and then proceeds to place himself on the security council at the UN and tries to eradicate the USA under some false pretence that they are not worthy of looking after themselves. Now who didn’t see that coming?

So after you spend ages trying to stop him from destroying the world with a powerful bio-weapon, you eventually beat him (of course you do, why wouldn’t you) in an awesome kind of ending. So the storyline is pretty decent, but somewhat predicatable, the gameplay is good, a hilarious set of weapons can be found throughout the game (one being a Spartan Laser). good mix of all out fighting and stealth missions and various extras such as magnetic climbing walls, grappling Batman-style and driving ridiculous prototype tanks. I would give the campaign mode a 7 broken bionic arms out of 10. Solid, but not world class.

Now the multiplayer mode. Again, I do enjoy playing the multiplayer, however my tactics are somewhat brash which is run around the map and just try and take out as many people as I can. Very effective on Modern Warefare 3 with the PP901M submachine gun. However I have recently turned to sniping thanks to Ghosts, where I was unstoppable on Stormhaven. So I gave the multiplayer a crack and created two classes, one sniper rifle and one assault rifle class. Safe to say it started off very well, however there was a point that made me think Call of Duty have just ripped of Titanfall here. You can run around and double jump everywhere and one of your killstreaks is summoning a titan, albeit not the same size but still pretty unstoppable. The auto grenades have also been replaced with proper grenades which was a good sign, but then they made the exo skeletons more powerful. You can double jump and powerslide everywhere, but you can also deploy large shiny blue shields, cloaks and heal yourself mid battle.

To be honest they have made the multiplayer easier for the noobs who suck at it, as they can now hide and protect themselves, but also makes the normal players so much harder to kill as they are doing the same things. Also it is very annoying when you are shooting someone and they double jump to safety – pricks. However if you do kill them, you do a skeet shooting bonus.

In conclusion, the multiplayer is still fun to play and the maps they have are good, but the addition of the exo skeleton and the perks it has has made the game less enjoyable in my opinion. The whole point of the multiplayer was how realistic it was, by running around, jumping, vaulting walls etc and shooting people in the head and they’ve turned it into a mix of Titanfall, Destiny and Call of Duty. Basically there is too much going on and it has been made far too complicated. I’d give it a 5 double jump assholes out of 10. The futuristic perks need to go.


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