The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Machi Koro


Ever wondered what the Japanese consider ‘priority buildings’ when they begin construction of a new town? Well wait no more! Machi Koro has hit our shores, with help from IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games. Designed by Masao Suganuma and art by Noboru Hotta.

The first thing that struck me when I had Machi Koro in my hands was the fantastic art styling. I’m sure all Nintendo fans would love it, it genuinely makes me happy just to look at the box.

The game rules itself could not be simpler, in fact I’ll place this helpful video right here:

In the simplest form, you roll a dice and if that number matches one of you establishments then you earn money. You then use this money to buy other establishments which in turn can earn you more money. You follow this till you have enough money to construct the 4 key establishments that win you the game. While the rules are simple, winning is far from. Commit to a bad strategy and your friends will be earning the big bucks, leaving you alone, crying in your 4 wheat fields. It’s all about adapting.

This game, for me, is a must have. It’s fast, simple but difficult to master. A great beer and pretzel game. I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming Harbour expansion.

Lastly, to answer the question I started with in this review, I believe priority buildings are ranches and cheese factories! They always make me a mint. Dairylea must be raking it in!

Gary Hennessey

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