Nath’s Top 5 Video Game Weapons

Nath runs down his top five favourite video game weapons

Please note, this list will probably change if I find a more hilarious weapon in a game that hasn’t been released yet, however after playing various video games, I can safely say at the moment, these are my favourite weapons:

5. Crossbow (Stranger’s Wrath)

Now if you ever had the chance to play Stranger’s wrath, you’d understand what I’m talking about. A hilarious weapon that shoots various bugs and tiny animals that are found in the gaming world. Even better, you have 2 different kinds of ammunition loaded at the same time to make your life easier and have the edge in certain battles.

4. Dubstep Gun (Saint’s Row 4)

Hate Dubstep? Want everyone else to feel your pain? Then this is the perfect weapon for you. This gun fires Dubstep. That’s right, it fires Dubstep at your enemies, causing them to dance uncontrollably until they die in a heap on the floor. Surprisingly powerful for a gimmick weapon, however you can upgrade the “tunes” if you want to. Probably worth a watch here

3. Fat Man (Fallout 3)

Too many powerful enemies to take down? Then you really need this gun. The Fat Man (named rather tastefully after the codename for the second type of atomic bomb used on a human population, and hopefully the last) fires mini-nukes at your enemies to completely obliterate them. Don’t use it in close combat though, you’ll either die or have a serious case of radiation poisoning. A must-have for patrolling the wasteland.

2. Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)

I did struggle when deciding between number 1 and 2, but I went for the Gravity Gun in second place. It picks up nearly every object and throws it at the enemy. Circular saws, exploding barrels, you name it, it can fire it. Except enemies, until you reach later levels. That’s when it gets unreal and is truly a powerful weapon to use.

1. BFG 9000 (Doom)

Now do you want a weapon that kills everything, everywhere in 1 hit? Then you need this gun. It kills any small enemy instantly and deals unreal amount of damage to the larger enemies. You may nearly die trying to acquire the gun, but if you survive and carry on, you’ll be absolutely unstoppable. Please note this is the early Doom version, not the Doom 3 version.

This is all subject to change of course, please let me know of any others I may have missed out!



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