The Argument: Which Project Should Nathan Choose?


Help Nathan decide which game idea he should take forward for his Train2Game project!

Here are the concepts (and the details of the project can be found here):

1. A survival horror game called ‘It Begins’. You play a security guard in a large multi-national corporation that specialises in medicine, organ donation and stem-cell research. Your shift starts as normal, however after a blackout, nearly everyone in the building is dead. It turns out a violent poltergeist is loose and is causing havoc and carnage around the building. Your aim is to stay alive and investigate the cause. This can be played on Playstation and Xbox, however it will optimised for Kinect and Oculus Rift for a truly terrifying experience.

2. An untitled, action/adventure sandbox game, where you play a computer hacker. Before I carry on, no this isn’t a Watchdogs clone. You play a hacker who works for the government, but after finding out some ultra-high classified information, you are disposed of. However, you survive and do what you can to take revenge and expose the secrets of the government. Sounds generic, but the idea is that the hacker has the ability to insert himself into the virtual world and run around at will, running from anti-virus, climbing firewalls, disguising himself as viruses, trojans, worms etc. This will be on all platforms.


Vote below for your favourite choice!


Any thoughts or feedback on Nath’s project, please comment on the full article from yesterday here.


One thought on “The Argument: Which Project Should Nathan Choose?

  1. In all honesty, although the survival sounds cool, the genre is completely flooded now. There are some deccent and varied titles: 5 Nights at Freddys, The Long Dark etc, but it would be good to see something not latching onto the latest trend.

    I like the idea of a serious/ realistic style game with some classic platforming madness chucked in as a (key) sub game.

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