After minutes of preparing, Gary enters the realm of tournament wargaming.

Friday: I woke on Friday feeling like that alien from Buffy had spat it’s solid mucus onto me. I had a shit storm of a cold if you didn’t figure out that analogy. The tournament didn’t start till Saturday but we decided to travel down to Weymouth so we could meet up with some of the other gamers. I managed to watch a few games of Warhammer and read the army book for the army I was playing with so I felt a little less anguish about the weekend. We also ordered £70 of Chinese. Free bottle of wine though, so it’s all good!
20141007-053045 PM.jpg

Saturday: so apparently only having about 5 hours sleep isn’t great for a cold but after copious amounts of cold and flu tablets, I felt ready! Well, ready-ish.

After reaching the venue I must admit I was very nervous. All I was thinking was “why didn’t I play at least 1 game of Warhammer before this!”. All the war gamers, who clearly were tournament veterans, were catching up. While other players caught up with old friends, I got my Daemons out and tried to familiarise myself with their rules, spells etc.

Game 1 – Matt Clarke – Win

My first game was against my friend, Matt Clarke with his Wood Elf tree list. Not only was he a complete gentleman when we played, suggesting better possible moves and helping me with the phases, but his list was also quite fluffy (thematic) which tends to mean it’s not the strongest of builds. I managed to get a sizeable win with some luck going my way, and none at all going his. Reign of chaos killing his Cygor. I also managed to Spirit Leech his Treeman Ancient.

Game 2 – Simon Hyett – lose
20141007-052853 PM.jpg

As soon a I stared at Simon’s large fellow, I knew I in for a rogering. That’s right, he had Nagash. Once again Simon was a gentleman. But you can only be so much of a gentleman while smashing face. I could blame my massive lose on the fact he had Nagash but too be completely honest he was a much better player, plain and simple. He led, I followed. Even my Blue Scribes heroic/stupid charge into the side of Nagash failed. He simply brushed them aside.

Game 3 – Chris Rudd – Win

After a quick chat about how this event was first time we’ve played Warhammer in a while we began. Chris had a very nicely painted Orge Kingdom army with a fair few Mournfang. I hadn’t faced these before but knew they could be proper bastards. My fiends of Slaanesh were the stars in this game. Constantly passing ward saves helped of course. They performed a nice pincer movement through Chris’s army while the plague bearers kept his bus locked in place.

Saturday night we had an awesome game of bowling where I almost stole the lead, I ended up placing 3rd. We then got to see TLL regular listener Henry Poor’s strangely long knees. Here’s a picture of the short shorts he was sporting both days of the event. I had to take a photo from the back due to his erection.

20141007-053056 PM.jpg

Sunday: I managed to get about the same amount of sleep Saturday night as I did Friday but I didn’t drink due to my cold so I thought I might of get an advantage during Sundays gaming. I didn’t.

Game 4 – Richard Ciereszko – Draw
20141007-053108 PM.jpg

Now I know Richard had a few drinks the night before but this didn’t dampen his spirits. He rolled up the the table with his Warriors of chaos with 3 chimeras! I know he is an experienced player so I thought this was going to be another massive lose. I would say it was pure skill that won me this game but it wasn’t, it was the dice. Mine were good, his weren’t. The highlight of this was his 3 chimeras charging my plague bearers and getting something like 50 attacks and only bringing down 5 of them! A lucky Spirit Leech also managed to bring down his Daemon Prince. I laughed so much in this game and Rich is a great gent. I look forward to playing him again.

Game 5 – Tim Fisher – lose
20141007-053440 PM.jpg

With the undead legion rules in full force Tim managed to get 2 Keeper (Kipper) Of Secrets into his army. This game was loads of fun. Even though it was a white wash! I knew after this game that Tim had played Daemons for longer than a day. The one thing I thought was going to go my way was a Final Transmutaion on his Lv4 kipper. It went off! Then I rolled a 4. I couldn’t even hold knob hill! Thanks Tim. I had a lot of fun!

So over all this was a great tournament. Chris had put on a great event. The food for both days was out on by his partner Loz and her award winning fish and chips. It was amazing both days. The rules pack rewarded good, fun lists and we also all took home an awesome BLACKOUT mug! I’d like to thank Chris and all my opponents. Hopefully see at a tournament soon!

20141007-053117 PM.jpg


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