Comic Review – A Town Called Dragon #1


Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he is going to attempt a mini review of his favourite one, with potential minor spoilers.

A little late for the review this week, as I was away on holiday until today! A quick trip to the nearest comic book shop (Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham, great place) to grab a few ongoing books and a couple of new series later, and I’m ready to fire off a quick review. This week I’ve decided to go for A Town Called Dragon #1 from Legendary Comics, written by Judd Winick, pencils from Geoff Shaw, colours by Jamie Grant and letters from Sean Konot.

A Town Called Dragon takes place, strangely, in a small town in Colorado called Dragon. So named because when frontier settlers came upon the area, they discovered a stockpile of Viking weapons there supposedly used to hunt dragons. The book opens up with a few characters, some of whom will be fleshed out a bit later, beaten and bloody and facing down some massive creature (a dragon). The story then flashes back to Norway, 1002 A.D., where Viking warriors are taking down the last of the dragons and take the last egg too. They try to destroy it, but it proves indestructible. They resolve to dispose of it on the other side of the world, with a group entombing themselves with the egg to ensure it does not hatch. However, over one thousand years later in the nearby town of Dragon, forces conspire to do just that. We are introduced to some of the main cast. including Cooper, owner of the local diner, ex-star athlete and the person front and centre facing down the dragon later on in the flash forward in the first few pages. Unsurprisingly then, this first issue ends with some idiots causing the dragon egg to hatch, and bloodshed ensues.

The story to this first part of what will be a five issue mini series seems to be heading for an old world mythology Vs. modern world horror plot, a latter element which I hope will come forward a bit more in the second issue. The scale in the earlier scenes showing the manpower needed to deal with a threat this big serves to show how woefully unprepared the populace of this sleeping mountain town are. I found the characterisation to be particularly strong too, not only in Cooper who appears to be a compelling central character, but in the supporting cast too, many of whom seem to have interesting back stories hinted at still to come. The art was great too, dealing with a variety of different environments and character groups, while making the dragons legitimately threatening and showing a good range of detail in the expressions on the human characters’ faces.

This was a great start for this mini series, and dragon stories are usually good fun. It was great value too, with over 50 pages unbroken by adverts for $3.99. Check it out at your local comic book shop, or online digital comics platform.

Score: 8 Dragon Eggs out of 10

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