Would You Kindly Get Me Into the Gaming Industry? Chapter Three – First Section Completed

Our contributor Nathan continues his journey into games design.

So it’s been a while since I wrote an article on my progress, mainly because I’d been struggling to manage my time between work and the course and therefore I am a little bit behind. However I have managed to carry on regardless of being sent all over the country for work.

So how is the course going? Pretty well actually. Still passing the tests which is awesome and I’ve started learning about the different types of software I may encounter during my time as a producer. The ones they are focusing on the most are the management applications where I keep everything under wraps such as sound files, graphics, storyboards and any other documents I may need (I should know this).

So after learning about all the software I needed, it was time for the big test. This was the first section test of the course. 1 hour, 100 questions and a 80% pass mark. I sat down and went for it. Sweating, shaking and a lot of swearing, I finished and I received my result a few days later. 82%, only just, but still I can take that as a pass. Its like getting a first or an A so win.

However there is a concern at the moment. There are certain areas in the course material entitled Self Marked Assessments (SMAs) where you answer question about the material and these aren’t marked but I give them a try anyway, but there seems to be a serious lack of coursework so far. Literally nothing, I thought I was building a portfolio.

So instead of sitting here moaning about it, I decided to be proactive and create a story bible for a game idea I’ve had for a while. So far I have the genre, the main character, the premise and the setting. Everything else will come in due course, but it’s great to get some ideas down. I won’t divulge too much, but will mention some bits as I continue to write the articles. So here is my first little taster: Genre – Survival Horror.



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