Tale Of One Gamer: Week Five

Welcome back my lovelys. Hope you haven’t missed this article. I bet you’ve been gagging for another painting fix! No? Well, you’re getting it anyway.

So this week I’ve been painting a Spellsinger. He’s not actually a Games Workshop model, he is in fact a Privateer Press model. He’s for a faction in Hordes and his title in that is Lord of the Feast. I’ve loved this model for a long time and have always wanted to use it. He seemed perfect for my disgraced Wood Elf force. He is normally modelled with a raven but I’ve changed it to an owl, because you know, owls are boss!

20140715-064718 pm-67638518.jpg

20140715-064717 pm-67637807.jpg
The one thing I didn’t realise is he’s got a severed arm in his bag. I guess we now know why he’s been expelled from his original group. Maybe he was using magics that were forbidden.

20140715-065153 pm-67913953.jpg
I’ve also been putting together Durthu. He’s a special character for the Wood Elves. I’m not sure how he’s fitting in with the fluff but I’ll think of something.

Hopefully next week we will have him paired up for your view pleasure.



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