Dan’s Nerdgasms: Superman Red Son

Each Monday Dan recommends a classic unmissable graphic novel. 

Today I’m recommending a DC trade paperback called Superman Red Son. Masterfully written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Dave Johnson and Killian Plunket. Instead of landing in Kansas as as a child, what could have happened if Superman’s rocket landed on a collective farm in the Soviet Union? What would happen if the Man of Steel was raised as a communist?

In this book you’ll see all the familiar characters you know and love with a completely different twist. There’s a whole bunch of other DC characters that make an appearance, like Batman and Green Lantern — who you’ll both see in a whole new light. Don’t worry folks Batman is still bad ass in the story.

As always what would any Superman tale be without the devious Lex Luther opposing him every step of the way. In this story he is the head of S.T.A.R Labs and has been given the mission to destroy Superman at any costs.

This book came out originally in 2003 as a three part mini series . It’s collected together now in one book. If you’re a huge Superman fan or just after a really different take on the Man Of Steel, then this is the the book for you.

Happy reading boys and girls


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