Tale Of One Gamer: Week 2


So the first week has been a success! I have a finished Treeman! First unit complete and within time.

The scheme hasn’t quite come out how I anticipated but I’m very happy with the result. Our very own Kii has asked me to do a painting guide which I will do for the next one. I’ll include step by step photos and everything!

The base was the first time I’ve used cork and I bloody love it. I’d highly suggest using it if you don’t already. His base is probably the best I’ve made, ever! Again I’ll do a step by step for the next Treeman.

photo (1)

I’d say the hardest part was deciding the different colours. All my armies have a linked colour that runs through the entirety. For my Orks it was blue. Some would have blue goggles, my battle wagon had blue banners etc. I think this really pulls an army together when it’s on the board. For the Wood Elves it’s going to be red. The Treeman has red leaves, which he will have in common with the dryads. My Rangers are going to have red scarves and gems. Let’s hope it will work! I guess we’ll find out next week.




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