Why the hell haven’t you played Abe’s Exoddus yet?

Now I’m choosing Exoddus over Oddysee because I actually enjoyed it more. The gameplay may have been the same, but there was more to do in the second one. I mean you take control of farts, enough said. In fact enough said, that is the only reason you need to play this game.  But I guess I should write some other reasons why this game is fantastic, even if the fart controlling doesn’t blow you away. Yes that was intentional.

So let’s start from the beginning, you play Abe, a Mudokon who has recently saved 99 Mudokon’s from Rupture farms and during the celebrations, falls off stage and knocks himself out. He then has visions from 3 spirits that say the evil Glukkons at FeeCo depot are stealing their bones. So once again, Abe and 5 other Mudokons (1 is definitely called Alf) set out to stop them. After some cut scenes, you enter the world of a 2D platforming puzzle game. The first part of a game is a tutorial, giving you ideas of how to move, talk, take control of enemies and most importantly quicksave. Quicksave will be your lifeline in this game, but be careful not to get stuck in a loop where you are constantly dying. It’s funny for a bit and then its just annoying.

But anyway, if you start playing properly, you will find yourself hooked on this brilliant yet frustrating game. There is usually a puzzle in each area and they vary from throwing rocks at mines to clear a path, sneaking pasts guards, or controlling enemies to perform various tasks for you. You can control Sligs, Glukkons, Scrabs and Paramites and each has their own abilities. Sligs fire guns/grenades depending on the Slig you’ve possessed, Glukkons can command Sligs, Scrabs basically attacks everything they see and Paramites can attack alone or in packs. However, let’s not get carried away, we have to stay true to the cause of the game. Basically one your travels, you will encounter other Mudokons who will need saving and the more you save determines your ending of the game. Trying to save all of them is difficult, but it can be done. The game can be difficult to pick up at first, but trust me the game is well worth it. The gameplay doesn’t move smoothly, but it makes the problem-solving a bit more challenging as you need to time all your moves perfectly. The storyline is solid, with excellent cut scenes even for a PS1 game. Honestly, you do need to play this game. It is fun and innovative but also mentally challenging and it can be slightly frustrating, but I promise you it is worth it. Happy farting.


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