The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Titanfall 360

So, since Titanfalls announcement many moons ago I knew this was the game for me. After a few delays I've finally got a copy for the 360. Yes it's another FPS. Yes it's made by some of CODs developers but hold your horses Mr! There are 3 reasons I love Titanfall over the others.

1. 6 vs 6. Simple but effective. I'm not a fan of 30-60 players a side. It's not personal enough. If someone kills me, I want to know I've got a chance to take revenge. Or more likely, they kill me another 20 times. 

2. Manoeuvres. Do I like running along the walls, double jumping and leaping from building to building with ease? Yes, yes I do! I don't want to spend the match trying to jump to that sweet spot. I love doing cool moves that do not take much attention away from me finding my next target. 

3. Errrm, what else, what else. Oh yeah! Massive fucking robots! Yes the titans themselves. Now let me tell you, just because you embark into one of these iron giants doesn't mean you are invincible! You've got other titans to take care of and if a few pilots team up with their anti-titan weapons then you will be reduced to scrap metal in a matter of moments. 

So this title has shot to the top of my FPS list and I don't see it leaving anytime soon. I expected to like this game, I didn't expect to love it! What ever the future holds for this series, I can happily say I'll be aboard for the ride.

8.5 Pilots out of 10


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