Why the hell haven’t you played Chrono Trigger yet?

Every few weeks I will write an article on what I believe to be the best games you need to play before you die. These are games from all platforms and all differing in genre and gameplay, whether you play them or not is completely up to you, but I’d recommend it – Nath

I imagine most of you has played this, but I’m putting it in any way as it is one of the best RPG games ever made. The characters, storyline and gameplay are absolutely fantastic and it has 14 different endings! That means you can play it 14 times, how epic is that!


It was first released in 1995 for the SNES by Square, now known as Square Enix, it has gone to be redeveloped for the Playstation 1, Nintendo DS and Smartphones. You play the silent protagonist called Crono, who has large red spiky hair and is armed with a sabre and lives in 1000AD. You go visit the Millennial Fair in town to see your friend’s experiment with someone you bumped into and basically everything goes to shit because otherwise there would be no game. You have to go back in time and rescue your friend but whilst that happens, you end up being transported forward in time to 2300 AD where the apocalypse has happened and friend you bumped into decide it would be better to try to stop this from happening. Basically a giant shit storm and you have to be the good guys and stop Fallout 3 from becoming a thing.

The is the premise of the game, your party travels backwards and forwards through time in order to prevent the apocalypse from occurring. Simple storyline for an RPG game, but the way it engrosses you is brilliant as you are constantly wondering where you’ll end up next and what might happen in each era you visit. All the characters are from different eras too, Chrono, Lucca and Marle are from the present. You later find Robo the robot (not very imaginative) from the future, Ayla from the prehistoric age and finally Frog, a talking frog with a sword. That’s a frog with a sword. You shouldn’t need any convincing.

The gameplay is simple, easy to understand and very fun. Each character has their own magic element, but when a new technique is learnt, they can be combined with other characters to make extremely powerful combos. Some are done with 2 characters and some with all 3.

I know some of you may be thinking that the graphics aren’t great, but if the storyline and the gameplay is solid then graphics don’t matter. Seriously, this game is worth your time and energy. I genuinely believe it is up there as one of the greatest RPG games ever created. Happy cycloning.


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