More Than One Million People Didn’t Need a Burn Heal!

If you have seen the news recently, or you may decided to look at some news because you were bored at work, you may have stumbled onto a new internet social/gaming experiment entitled “Twitch Plays Pokemon.” No doubt you’ve heard of it, but if not, it is simply an online version of Pokemon Red, but with a twist.

You start in a chat room and basically there are 2 modes of gameplay. Democracy gameplay is where each player inputs a command over a 30 second period and the key with most votes is inputted into the game. However when Anarchy gameplay starts, any key that is pressed is inputted into the game, allowing for a mass amount of chaos.

As you can see, it looks like a giant clusterf**k of people just hitting in commands in order to complete the game, but eventually it was completed. However it wasn’t an easy process due to the amount of absolute assholes who started playing and thought it would be funny to make the gameplay more difficult.  Asshole might be an understatement when you consider the following occurred:

  1. People jumping off  ledges during the long maze areas of the game
  2. Bloody Sunday where 12 Pokemon got released
  3. Repeated use of the start command and using items that really weren’t necessary
  4. Constant use of the Pokedex
  5. Constant saving

I know some of the above may not seem too much of a problem but seriously people, releasing 12 Pokemon? What the actual fuck? That’s 2 teams of Pokemon. You people who call yourself “Trolls” and think it’s funny are just fuckheads. You even released the starter Pokemon! A level 34 Charmeleon! He was 2 levels away from being a Charizard!? Charizard is one of the best Pokemon in the game. He flies and breathes fire. I hope you’re all ashamed of yourselves and you quietly die in a hole.

Maybe a bit over the top, but nevertheless, the trolls probably did die in their respective holes as the game was completed. It proves the gaming world is full assholes but eventually, with enough perseverance, gamers can rally together and finish one of the greatest games ever made.

If I’m honest, I wish I had the opportunity to take part in this experiment, but luckily the anonymous designer has applied the same idea to Pokemon Crystal. I will having a crack at that and make a valid attempt at completing it as my life plan is to not die in a hole.

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