Review: Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-fi Quiz

So, I was the lucky competition winner. Last year I won Welcome to Rapture’s competition to win the truly spectacular Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz (with a note at the bottom telling me it has a “Galaxy of Clips and Images”). Damn I felt lucky! After many months of chasing, begging and threatening they finally sent it out to me… Last week. Now is my chance to sit down and see what I think! But I won’t be selfish with this, I feel bad for having robbed the rest of the listeners of this DVD quiz, so I’ll finish rambling and get on with a review of it!

It begins with a generic looking alien race (weird how aliens can look ‘generic’ but they are the green, featureless big eyed martian type). They tell me that this quiz will push my feeble brain to the limits. I am trembling with anticipation.

I am immediately faced with a problem. There is a two player mode! Of course my girlfriend has no interest in this and think it’s a waste of time (I’ll show her!), so I think I’ll have to miss out on the opportunity to share this experience with someone else directly for now.

One player mode is go. So the aim of the game is to answer questions, apparently right answers power my ship and move me towards Earth.

Appearance wise my spaceship already looks pretty phallic. I guess my character is over compensating for something?

Tom Baker did the intro, his voice is of course pretty majestic. My ship, AKA Amy is now trying to boss me into taking the quiz. She also insults you when you answer something incorrectly. I feel my self-esteem shattering by the second.

So the gameplay revolves around answering questions within a time limit. Then a clip seems to play, one of them had dinosaurs, so that was cool.

Well the first section was Literature, other than the Jurassic Park question the only ones I got right I did through blind luck. I am way out of my depth on this one. I pretty much nailed the Crazy Science section. My favourite answer was to the question “Why does the Terminatrix have the advantage over the Terminator?” “Because she has large breasts?” Hearing Tom Baker say Large Breasts is now in my top 3 sound bits ever. I hopped around the other sections and answered what I could, each one is virtually the same as the others of course.

In the end, it seems my casual sci-fi knowledge fell just short of getting me home safely. I died just short of Earth, 2,000 lightyears (two right answers). To be fair, if I had noticed the second page of categories relating to more modern things I’ve actually watched or read then maybe I would have made it. But no, I’m just doomed to drift into nothingness forever, with Amy… sigh….

Overall, this DVD quiz was certainly an experience. It took half an hour to finish, although I don’t think I’ve still got the best out of it having not tried to two player mode. For that I’ll need a volunteer! Once I’ve found a victim we’ll give it a play through and give a second review, I’m sure you’ll all be right on the edge of your seats, brimming with excitement and anticipation until then! Overall I’ll give this a three brain slug rating.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with more articles later!


I don’t know who these Welcome To Rapture clowns are, but they sound like jerks!

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