The Lost Lighthouse: The Weekly Rapture 1 – Statement of Intent

Hi there folks, and welcome to the first episode of The Weekly Rapture, the weekly podcast brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse.

This being our inaugural episode, it is just a short one really just to explain what we are planning to do with the podcast and what the site (which you can find at since you asked) is all about. Those familiar with our old podcast probably won’t be surprised at how quickly we stray off topic and ramble a lot.

Next episode’s topic will be the next gen consoles. We will chat about the systems and how well they seem to be doing, which we are more likely to go for and why, and the games we are looking forward to the most.
Please send us any questions you guys have, opinions on the games, and if any of you have already got a PS4 or Xbox One, let us know how your experiences have been with it so far!
You can get in touch through Facebook, via email (, on Twitter @lost_lighthouse or drop us a reply on the podcast page of the website.

Download this episode (right click and save)

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